luni, 5 decembrie 2011

Review Masca pentru fata Apidermaliv

Face mask with royal jelly, olive oil, shea butter and honey is for mature skin very dry, my mother was the perfect candidate for this mask, she has trouble drying consistency tenului.Are little unusual compared to all masks The girl that I've seen so far, it's very oily and sticky, it is because the ingredients 100% naturale.Este very moisturizing, smells good and I think my mom a long time to use it for a single application because it requires less product . I used it myself for about 2 times and left my skin soft and remove them from the face hidratata.La really need the water to be warm, because otherwise it goes.
This mask is not recommended unfortunately mixed or oily skin.

Here's what I tell people at  Complex Bee  Veceslav Harnaj  about this mask:

"Masca pentru fata Apidermaliv este o masca hranitoare adresata tenurilor uscate. Cu 100% ingrediente naturale, este un rasfat regal pentru tenul matur si uscat. Ingredientele active: laptisorul de matca, uleiul de masline, untul de shea si mierea sunt puternici aliati in lupta impotriva ridurilor accelerand circulatia sangelui in tesuturi."

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