sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2013

I love burgundy mascara

M-am indragostit de mascara nuanta burgundy,eu nu ieseam  niciodata din conventionalul negru,dar asta pana intr-o zi cand genele mele au fost incantate si colorate de YSL infinite  burgundy,l-am testat la o prietena si m-a incantat,pacat ca numai am pozele :( sa vedeti ce frumos era.
Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Infini Curl

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Am vazut ca si cei de la  Rouge Bunny Rouge au lansat o mascara cu o culoare asemanatoare:


Imi place si mica povestioara:

"The dusky queen of unfathomable enigma appears in the blink of an eye, an auspicious aurora that appeals with an undeniable draw. Those held breathless in her beauteous gaze stand compelled as shimmering spectre diffuses like a pall of low-hung vapour in the skies. Only the Enchanted Garden understands its shiny, inky inhabitant, emerging from plummetless pools in an unperceived aqueous carriage. This underwater vortex born from subterranean disgruntlement and burgeoning tempest, sends pitchy clouds soaring towards an unreachable surface in an explosion of rising plumes deep within indigo seas. A majestic display of giant twisters spinning like slow but gargantuan tornadoes, thrusts curious creatures through water to land where they’re seen in the briefest of glimpses. The still and silent exterior belies the drama beneath, leaving all who thought they saw a pulse and flutter, filled with a growing sense of wonder".